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Uscita pochi giorni fa la nuova versione 3.20 con le relative novitÓ:

Major Changes

* Sandboxie Control rewritten to offer better control and configurability of Sandboxie:

* Process Managenent:
o Can terminate selected process
o Can set settings for select process
o Can identify sandboxed processes by window - 'Is Window Sandboxed?'
o Can block Internet access by all programs in sandbox except selected process

* Delete and Recovery:
o Quick Recovery integrated into Delete Sandbox for a one-step process
o Recovery remembers multiple target folders
o Immediate Recovery enabled by default, and can recover multiple files at once
o Integrated file browser for exploring/recovering the contents of the sandbox
o Delete protection for sandboxes

* Shell Integration:
o Sandboxes added as SendTo targets
o Can create custom shortcuts to run any program sandboxed

* Configurability:
o Sandbox Settings window replaces manual editing of Sandboxie.ini

* New Features:
o Can force programs to start sandboxed based on folder, in addition to program name (Registered version)
o Unregistered version can now alert when selected processes start outside sandbox (Previously only available in registered version)

* Bugs fixed:
o Resolved SBIE2208 errors for some Windows 2000 systems
o Resolved some cases of SBIE1223 subcode 44
o Crashes due to drag-and-drop

Link al download:
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