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Q. How can the eTRAYz be so cheap in comparison to Synology and QNAP ?
A. The Xtreamer project is backed up by one of the biggest manufacturers of CE industry. We simply decided to be not as greedy and come up again with a very good ratio of specs\power\functionlaity\value for money ratio. That is the core essence of the Xtreamer project. Soon you can expect Xtreamer Netbooks (like eePC, AcerONE etc), Xtreamer IP cam (Pan and tilt with h.264 1080p) . We will keep our task to continue offer xtreamer clients good products for very attractive price and value for money. Dont assume the eTRAYz for some low quality chinese NAS / web disk solution. It is one of the most powerful NAS solutions you can find in the market today with a very impressive specs sheet and functionalities you should read about hereunder.
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