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Single-player campaign and Online:

2 new Operatives:

  • Killer Beat: Short Cooldowns and More Damage
  • Feedback Loop: Stun Nearby Enemies

First Responder
  • AR Medical Shield: Active diagnostic limits damage
  • Hydraulic Rescue Tool: Heavy Melee Weapon

Operative Customization
This will allow you to customize your Operatives in Online and the Single-Player campaign, including changing their hair and tattoos.

5 new Operative abilities
  • Pickpocket: Operatives can earn currency on each takedown
  • Second Wind: Operatives quickly regain health when defeating enemies
  • Wanted: Albion or Clan Kelley enemies will attack upon detection anywhere in London
  • Hoarder: Operatives can loot and carry more ammo
  • Stuntman: Operatives take less damage from falls, explosions, and collisions with vehicles

Wanted pare interessante ed simile a una delle feature di WD2 che pių mi mancano
No Man's Sky - Expedition 4: Emergence
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