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VERSION, posted 08/18/2010

RELEASE NOTES -, posted 08/18/2010
- Added Process Termination feature (integrated into tray alerts (via right-mouse function on Options in tray alerts)
- Added Auto allow for certain services (setting the Process Monitor "slider" to medium will allow services running under system account. The High setting will allow only LOCAL/NETWORK services automatically.
- Resolved code defects related to isolated BSOD incidents.
- Fixed driver access check to \etc\hosts file.
- Fixed defect related to determining correct process parent, parent of parent when one of those processes was terminated.
- Fixed bug where incorrect parent process chain (due to windows reuse of obsolete PID) was identified (and generated unnecessary alerts) .
- Implemented modification to bypass application alteration check when/if gui/service has no access to it (WoW).
- Added support for Windows 7 Mobile Broadband connections.
- Discontinued support for Windows 2000 OS.
- Modified various port and application related default settings/rules.
- Fixed process termination bug when passed handle does not have adequate rights.
- Resolved Windows Hook interception bug.
- Added inter-process keyboard message monitoring capability to Process Monitor.
- Updated driver certification in accordance with Microsoft Winqual Review - Qualifications Achieved: Logo - Microsoft Windows Vista family, x86 Basic, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64
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