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inizio io in ordine cronologico

matrox mystique 4mb

matrox mystique 4mb+voodoo1 4mb diamond viper

motrox mystique 4mb+voodoo2 12mb creative

voodoo3 2000 pci 16mb 3dfx

Geforce 2gts asus7700 pure 32mb

Radeon 8500 64mb BBA

Radeon 9700 128mb sapphire

Geforce 5900ultra 256mb ASUS

Radeon 9800pro 128mb BBA

Geforce 6800 128mb Point of view

Radeon X800pro vivo @XT 256mb connerct 3D

Radeon x800xl powercolor

Geforce 6800ultra point of view 256mb x2 in sli (che dramma)

Radeon X850XT 256mb sapphire
in concomitanza VooDoo 5500 64mb pci

Radeon X1800XL 256mb BBA

Radeon X1900XT 512mb BBA
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