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Privatefirewall 7.0 (supports Windows 7, Vista, and Server 2008/R2 - 32/64 bit. XP and Server 2003 - 32 bit) - VERSION, posted 7/20/2011 -

GENERAL INSTALLATION PROCEDURE: Please uninstall the existing version of Privatefirewall and reboot system before installing an update. Process Monitor and Firewall settings can be preserved by exporting (File -> Export Settings) before uninstalling, and importing (File -> Import Settings) after installing updates. We also advise temporarily disabling any antivirus or other active anti-malware or HIPS software until the Privatefirewall installation process has completed.

RELEASE NOTES -, posted 7/20/2011
- Added installation instructions to setup process.
- Added automatic version check and update download option.
- Resized Detected Applications and Trusted Publishers screens.

RELEASE NOTES -, posted 7/5/2011
- Added "Trust this process" option to the tray alerts.
- Added "Apply to all alerts" option to Full/Detailed alerts.
- Added "x" to sign in tray icon to indicate when Training is active.
- Expanded packet filtering indicators in firewall log.
- Added ability to generate HTML report for Detected Processes in Advanced Reports.
- Fixed IP address display issue in systems where IPv6 is not installed.
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