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GoFoxes 04-05-2021 10:37


Ottima roba, due nuovi gadget e due nuove professioni + la possibilitÓ di personalizzare la pettinatura valgono il riprenderlo anche senza Season Pass.

Eh niente, stanno in sconto tutti i Season Pass, ho MS Points giusti giusti per quello del secondo e di Legion, che mi mancano li ho presi :asd:
Una bella rigiocata a tutti e 3 + tutti i DLCs ci sta alla grande

GoFoxes 05-05-2021 10:13

Watch Dogs: Legion - Mina Sidhu | Trailer Animato

Title Update 4.0 Patch Notes

GoFoxes 05-05-2021 10:16

Single-player campaign and Online:

2 new Operatives:

  • Killer Beat: Short Cooldowns and More Damage
  • Feedback Loop: Stun Nearby Enemies

First Responder
  • AR Medical Shield: Active diagnostic limits damage
  • Hydraulic Rescue Tool: Heavy Melee Weapon

Operative Customization
This will allow you to customize your Operatives in Online and the Single-Player campaign, including changing their hair and tattoos.

5 new Operative abilities
  • Pickpocket: Operatives can earn currency on each takedown
  • Second Wind: Operatives quickly regain health when defeating enemies
  • Wanted: Albion or Clan Kelley enemies will attack upon detection anywhere in London
  • Hoarder: Operatives can loot and carry more ammo
  • Stuntman: Operatives take less damage from falls, explosions, and collisions with vehicles

Wanted pare interessante ed simile a una delle feature di WD2 che pi¨ mi mancano

GoFoxes 01-06-2021 10:35

A qualche feticista del multiplayer / co-op potrebbe interessare

m...a allo stato pur.

GoFoxes 16-08-2021 10:48

Resistance Mode porta alcune delle cose che auspicavo al lancio. Arriva il 24 agosto, mi tocca finire Bloodlines. Poi si ricomincia una partita. Arriva anche Darcy, l'assassina, PvP invasion, e Legion of the Dead, tra le altre cose.


...Navigating around the city with this mode is a lot more dangerous and riskier. Going through an active checkpoint? You’ll get noticed. Are you getting too close to an Albion soldier in the street? You’ll get noticed...

...the Underground fast travel system is disabled in this mode. For fast travel options in Resistance Mode, we focused on expanding the operative swapping system. Not only will all your operatives appear on the map now, but they will also periodically scout out missions, placing themselves close by for a convenient operative swap...

...All of the enemies you encounter in this mode are Elites, and they will use their advanced abilities and behaviours a lot more frequently. They’ll also call reinforcements faster...

...we’ve balanced t abilities while ensuring that they still have great impact when used... hack cooldown times have been increased to make their use more strategic...

...permadeath is always on in Resistance Mode...

...Two additional save slots have been added in TU 5.5 on consoles...

GoFoxes 18-08-2021 10:45

Darcy Trailer

GoFoxes 24-08-2021 17:52

Panoramica Update 5.5


ToXo 19-11-2021 20:55

Per chi fosse interessato, la versione ps5 sta in offerta a 19€ su mediaworld :D

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